Nostalgic 80s vs Stylish 90s

Lets take a trip down memory lane and settle this once and for all …was the nostalgic 80’s better or the tech hippie 90s…if you have your evidence,and would like to play devil’s advocate be sure to add it in the comments Fashion The style in the 80s “i know i look ridiculous with this,but […]

Capital Investment

“The Real capital is your people who walk in every morning and walk out of your office in the evening ….and the ones who come back to work the next day…”    

Really cool blogs you ought to know 

So I figured out to be a good blogger it’s imperative to read what our other friends are upto  ….here are some of my favourites – Tech How to’s – Latest in tech – blogging – entrepreneurship – how great leaders are born – business news – Online […]

Leaders prayer

After killing it for the past 6 months and being on top of the stacks now senior management has thrown another challenge my way ….given a new team fresh out of training and the cycle starts again ….this phase is quite overwhelming for any first time manager as the team is bound to make mistakes […]

Paani..Paani re (Water baby)

​I was 9 and my sister was 8 and like any other toddler we loved the beach so when mom brought us to Juhu beach …we were ecstatic! Mom didn’t share the same emotion as us….her alcoholic husband was in the hospital with punctured lungs battling for his life  ….no money and she was the […]

Crazy But True Facts Around the World

Do you know someone who suffers from this …Cherophobia is the fear of being too happy because “something tragic” will happen  Now i know whats common in Mia and Burj Khalifa ….Brazzers founder is an Arab and that the name itself was derived from how an Arab would pronounce “Brothers” How u doin…Matt Le Blanc was […]